Introducing HackerX: a launchpad for emerging tech builders in Africa


We’re excited to officially announce HackerX, an emerging tech launchpad committed to the advancement of emerging technologies of blockchain, AI and Robotics in Africa.

We empower African builders in these industries, by providing education, funding and mentorship opportunities to help them launch and scale globally.

But first, why HackerX?

Despite tons of potential, talented builders in Africa struggle with resources and support to implement their ideas and scale globally.

To illustrate, only 4% of global blockchain developers hail from Africa, according to a report by Electric Capital 🤯

Beyond the blockchain industry, Africa is lagging behind the rest of the world in the fields of AI and Robotics. This is concerning, given the massive effects these technologies will have on the African continent in the coming decades.

HackerX is here to change that.

What you'll get with HackerX

At HackerX, our mission is to bridge this gap and help builders in the emerging tech industries access the resources and support needed to build and scale global products from Africa.

With HackerX, builders across sub-Saharan Africa will be able to access:

  • technical and business-related bootcamps, courses, workshops,

  • funding opportunities through grants and hackathons,

  • community events, networking and mentorship opportunities with experts,

  • an incubator launchpad to launch and scale startup ideas

HackerX is operated by technology professionals and fellow builders, committed to the advancement of emerging technologies in Africa, and with years of hands-on operational experience in African and global startups.

Join Us!

Join the HackerX community and access all you need to succeed as a builder in Web3, Robotics or AI;

And stay tuned for Disrupt 2024 🌋, our inaugural hackathon, coming Q2 2024, with over $20,000 in prizes up for grabs by the most promising projects 💰